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February 12, 2010 / Brandon Raper

4 Reasons Students Won’t Use Buzz

Is this a funhouse? What in the world happened to my email since buzz came out?

My gmail inbox has been abused and tortured.  Although there are hundreds of things going on with gmail, google buzz, and itself, here’s reasons why a student would NEVER use google buzz.

1. We have a school email, an outside email is our professional voice.

I signed up for a gmail account for 3 reasons.

  • It was required my android phone
  • My school email wasn’t as professional as I felt I should be
  • I could send larger files with gmail

Why on Earth would I need an email account that “buzzed” my friends, or pulled together every single social media site I’m signed up for?  My email is private, it’s used to communicate with family, potential employers, and for information on bills etc.  I don’t want to know what the trending topics on twitter are when I’m staring at my school loans.

2. We have multiple social media accounts because they’re all different

I am one of the thousands that spend countless hours on facebook.  I use facebook to mainly keep in touch with old friends and gain new friendships with classmates.  This makes it easier to befriend people subtly, instead of meeting someone new and having to get their phone number, email, etc.

Twitter serves a general business purpose for me.  I can gain so much knowledge by following social media execs, professionals, and strengthen my interest in the prospective field.  Whatever you use it for doesn’t matter.  There’s no reason this should be sending notifications to your email.

3. There’s TOO much crap.

I dare you to look through the features available for google buzz.  Then I dare you to look at google’s website and see the features offered there.  Google maps, images, videos, buzz, gmail, gtalk, get over it google.  You can’t be everything to everyone.  There’s a reason a lot of vehicle manufacturers went downhill fast, they had no image.  How can you tell a Ford from a Chevy from a Lincoln anymore?

Google is doing exactly what Yahoo did when it began to see its’ decline in market share.  Yahoo wanted to do everything, they wanted you to search, play games, do your laundry, clean your car, you name it.  Stick to what you do, keep your image.

Random thought of the day:  Google Buzz will become the new “dove +men”.  After seeing those dove commercials I almost threw up.  Good luck to both.

4. Students aren’t looking for a way to COMBINE all our networking sites

Whoever thought it’d be a good idea to combine your facebook, linkedIn, twitter, etc. was not thinking straight.  Sure, it’ll save time.  Sure, that could be a convenience of some sort.  But since when do you want all of your sites to update the same thing?

Do you want your linkedIn to know your hungover?  Do you want your facebook to intrude on what your ideal career is?  What about the overlap of friends?  Each networking site is different in nature, which means each reply and each status on such sites are all different in voice.


1. It gives us another excuse to say “I didn’t get the email”. Say you forward everything to your twitter which forwards to your gmail and back to your school email and boom.  There’s no way you got that email about the homework.


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