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February 14, 2010 / Brandon Raper

Top 7 Sites About Foursquare

A quick review of foursquare and why it’s useful, where it could improve, and what it should do in the future.  Some good key points involve the need for more content and being proud of being the “Mayor” of sports arenas.

This article goes over 10 foursquare applications that are building on the location-based competitions and communications.  A big highlight is “Mob Zombies”, a location-based application that involves moving to real time to locations that occupy weapons and using them to destroy the zombies in the area.  Just be careful, don’t run into traffic. (Hence why the demo video is at night, no vehicles)

Here’s an article focusing on the ability to use foursquare as a fundraising tool.  Thanks to Pepsi, an organization named Camp Interactive will receive 4 cents per visit in New York City.  This highlights the limitless possibilities for location-based applications.

Great article on ways to use foursquare for business.  The author, Kyle Lacy, has thousands of great articles and wrote the book Twitter Marketing for dummies.  I would suggest checking out the rest of the site and articles as well.

Another article on business’s using foursquare, with real life examples through the US and even Europe.  Some of the key points include the obvious deals for “Mayor”, but also include newer ideas like Raffles and Secret Coupons.

This could quite possibly be the biggest reason foursquare will die or persevere.  Foursquare needed a big name to drive people to its name and certain locations due to the large amount of applications and noise within smart phone applications.

As the last article focused on Bravo signing a deal with Foursquare, this one show that over the last month foursquare has been blowing up.  Included in the article are steps that foursquare are looking to take in the future with paid business subscriptions for small business, chains, and large corporations.  Foursquare could be walking a very thin line with its users and should really think about the future actions it’s going to take.


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  1. Wahrsager / Mar 8 2010 11:39 AM

    Where to find the RSS button?

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