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February 15, 2010 / Brandon Raper

13 Year Old Pregnant From Chatroulette

Would you be surprised if this was a real article?  Chatroulette is becoming a World-wide phenomenon where two people are randomly chosen to chat via webcams.  You can imagine the problems that can arise from this model.  To Catch A Predator is going to be working on overtime with websites like this.

For the sake of argument, I traversed through the World that is Chatroulette.  I’ve read a lot of reviews saying the site is unmonitored so that almost 25% of the cams being shown are men masturbating.  Now to my luck, I went through a good 50 cams and saw none.  Also, there is a “Report Inappropriate Video” button on top of the cam space, but who knows how fast the reaction is.   Onto the test-drive…

The time is 1:45pm CST and there are about 30,000 users online at the time.  I’m at a severe disadvantage to the website because I do not own a web-cam.  Never really had a use for one but if something like this takes off who knows.  Notice, these stories and cams were not in the exact order listed.  I only pick and chose the most interesting of the bunch.

Now since I don’t have a web-cam, not a single person would chat with me, ha.  The first character partnered with me pictured here was holding a microphone across his mouth.  He didn’t wait long enough to let me see what was going to happen but I can only imagine the hilarity of the situation.  It’s also worth mentioning this website is mostly World-wide and there are hundreds of ethnicities that show up on cams, probably the most interesting part of the site.

Round 2! This one…I actually ended up leaving because I was laughing too hard.  As soon as he connected he was in mid-cry.  Yes…crying.  It was obviously fake, but introduces the question of what is this person thinking and why am I on this website?  All while loving every bit of it.

Numero Three, just a normal kid sitting in front of his cam.  Did I mention the ninja mask?  I tried to send a message to this ninja yet he had chosen to find a new cam partner as soon as he noticed a cam wasn’t enabled.

Now number four is purelyfor proof that women really do exist in the World of Chatroulette.  I just so happened to get a picture of her blinking, exciting.  She seems nice no?

Anyhow…number five is what you would expect most people on a site like this to do.  Completely inappropriate and I would hate to see anyone who literally followed the directions on the sign.  I for one am very discouraged with this person as my family frequently goes on missions to Haiti and have adopted three little girls from the country over the past 7 years.

Number six was my favorite of the day.  I wish I had the technology know how to find out where each cam’s location was, and I know there’s a way to do it.  These three young men were huddled around the monitor screen like they were watching Jordan vs. Kobe both in their prime.  The guy on the left was basically hiding behind his friends shoulder and kept peaking his head out, too funny.  Yet again I was rejected and the other end moved onto to bigger and better cam conversations.

All in all, Chatroulette is pretty hilarious.  Some people are true characters and wear Halloween outfits or put a stuffed animal in front of the cam and live the life of that animal.  Now there is so much that could go wrong in this cam format as a lot of people have found due to inappropriate behaviors.  The site reminds me of the old AOL chat room days when it was anything goes and you could honestly connect with real people and talk about whatever comes to mind.  Chatroulette has the possibility of being a huge success, but I’m not sure the man power or technology will ever exist to keep the predators and creeps from having their 2 minutes of fame online.  Keep an eye on it though, seeing the face you’re talking to clears your head of all what if’s and MySpace frauds.


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  1. Brandon Raper / Feb 15 2010 9:09 PM

    Here’s a good link of Chatroulette hilarity in video format.

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