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February 17, 2010 / Brandon Raper A Joke

With each plan comes a new problem.  Social media is beginning to storm the business front in different fashions, whether it is interactivity with clients, creating a community through forums, or allowing discounts through location-based applications.  One of these rising location-based applications is called Foursquare.  Foursquare, in short, tracks when you are at a certain establishment over time.  Companies can grant the user specific discounts and/or street credibility.

This application could be monumental in the progression of social media and is from my experience quite thrilling to compete against an entire city.  So what could possibly be wrong about this application?  Nothing.  What the problem here is ignorant websites that make the disadvantages of certain applications known to criminals world-wide.

You can’t tell me every criminal and burglar is sitting on twitter, staring at their screen waiting for foursquare updates and thinking, “The house is obviously empty, let’s get our new TV”.  Sure, I won’t doubt that the application could provide information to certain peoples that you wouldn’t want.  Sure, the application could provide knowledge of when someone isn’t home, making their valuables more at risk.

But can anyone tell me why you’d want to raise awareness on the ability to do so?  People aren’t going to say “Well I better lock these windows because I’m going to be updating my Foursquare soon”.  Why would you purposely try to take a fun, innovative application and turn it into an awareness campaign on safety? is a disgrace to social media and a disgrace to the intelligence of human kind.  If you don’t have the ability to lock your doors as you leave your household, you shouldn’t have the ability to use a smart phone in the first place.

Security in this day and age is sketchy at best with all of the information you can receive from online websites and directories.  Raising awareness of how to use something to hurt someone else, not to mention live posting of each person who has used foursquare, should be a crime.

I say, we get this website torn down.  Not only because it destroys the application foursquare, but it also gives a landing spot for all criminals and raises awareness on how to use a product against its original use.  You don’t see household items creating websites on how to make homemade bombs, so why would you make a website on how to use foursquare as a general way to find people-less homes?


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