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March 2, 2010 / Brandon Raper

The Absolute Best Internet Resource

It’s no secret that Twitter is becoming a power house as a social media platform.  Mini-blogging is more popular than ever and has an incredibly high ceiling for growth.  The uses for Twitter are endless and evolving every day, from contacting local friends to posting locations from the growing smart phone application Foursquare.

Being a recent college graduate in search of a career in social media and always looking to expand my knowledge database, Twitter has become my first and only stop for articles, news, and websites.  Twitter has become the Wal-Mart of knowledge, a one-stop shop for everything you could ever want, ask, or need.

Since joining Twitter about 3 months ago, I’ve ended up following 544 people.  Each one of the people I’m following serves a general purpose.  I have my group of local friends and college graduates, a blogging hints, tips, and help list, social media gurus, and a general population of people whom are either interested in or developing careers in social media.  I haven’t expanded my following recently because I’ve had so much information to gain before I pursue furthering my network.

After establishing groups and lists, my internet bookmarks grew exponentially.  I’m the kind of person who ALWAYS has a hobby to pursue, develop, or perfect, so my bookmarks are endless and organized meticulously.  Let’s look over the possibilities created through Twitter, starting with my own bookmarks.

Websites looked at daily with incredible information and credible sources:

    • This website contains EVERYTHING marketing.  This is an endless knowledge pit and if you are in the slightest bit interested in marketing this should be your first stop.
    • One of the largest and most innovative social media websites around.  There’s never a day where there isn’t new and interesting material.  Massively tweeted website, also.
    • Great source for information and a highly credible blogger and author of new media.
    • Very inclusive information, always creating graphs to prove points.  Great site for those looking for the numbers in social media (since that’s always a business’s focal point).

This is just a small list of resources I’ve found that I look over daily.  These sites also provide an interaction with other people providing dialogue, the ability to debate, and new and old thought processes.

Don’t use Twitter as just a networking site with mini-blogging ability, use Twitter as a resource.  If you’re in college, further your studies through use of professionals in your field of study.  If you’ve recently graduated, tie your job search into tweets and other networking sites like LinkedIn.  If you’re a giant sports fan you can find professional scouts for your favorite team and get the hottest news.

Twitter is evolving rapidly every day and has no signs of stopping any time soon.  Embrace the technology, expand your mind, get involved.


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