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June 3, 2010 / Brandon Raper

Syncing Your Way To Failure

After taking a look at the conversation prism created by Brian Solis and JESS3 I began to wonder if the newest feature in social networking sites may end up being the demise of a company’s efforts to open up new opportunities through internet marketing.  The new feature I’m speaking of is the ability to “sync” multiple social networking sites together.  Sounds efficient, sounds like a fantastic idea so what’s the problem?

The problem is (when looking from a business perspective) that one of the largest advantages of social media is….being social.  Posting one update to all social platforms at once can prove to save you time, save you the effort of opening another browser tab and personalizing an update, but what are you losing?  The answer to this is that personalization and social aspect of internet marketing.

Each message and update should be personalized for specific platforms. If we go over the largest networking sites we can see what the usual behavior of users is.

  • Facebook is more interactive and much more personal. People tend to separate their business profiles and their personal life.
  • LinkedIn is professional and business oriented.
  • Twitter is very informal, only allowing 160 characters per post and being a staple for quick updates in the mobile world.

Syncing up all updates for these three sites could be catastrophic.  There’s norms for each site that are accepted and actions that turn-off potential consumers on others.  Twitter can tend to bog down a person’s stream with constant updates all day.  According to a study done by Hubspot’s Blog, Twitter users who tweet between 10-50 times a day tend to have more followers.  Imagine 50 updates on your Facebook when you’re trying to keep an interest on family and friend matters.  These Twitter updates can be managed through lists but Facebook’s only tactic is to “Hide” posts by particular users.  If your tweets end up frustrating your Facebook users enough to where they hide your posts, then your potential and effective reach is diminished.

Recently I’ve found a new up and coming social networking site called  This site has the ability to sync your posts on multiple different sites including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and  The reason this site can be successful is because you don’t HAVE to sync these posts together.  Instead of being a regular social networking site with the same features, this site has become more of a central station or hub for multiple other networks.  Being able to personalize updates from one space can prove to save time, be more efficient, and still keep following individualized conversations.

At certain levels and situations syncing is fine, but what’s the real advantage? If your company has jumped into the social media age by contributing man hours and money than assure quality not quantity.  Personalizing individual updates and messages for specific social networking sites will prove to be the only way business should be done.  Social media brings you into the conversation, don’t attempt to automate these connections, consumers will never forget it.


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