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February 16, 2011 / Brandon Raper

How To Increase Twitter Mentions

Every time I log into Twitter the first thing I do is check for @mentions. It’s a simple mechanic on Twitter yet it brings an amount of joy to me that is unreasonable.  If someone retweets your content then they feel like your message is important enough to tell their entire list.  There are a few reasons your content will be retweeted and it’s an easy process to gain these mentions or retweets.  How do you increase your amount of mentions and retweets?  I’ll tell you.

The general ways that Twitter users are mentioned are usually as a response to a mention you’ve sent.  So this idea would say to increase your mentions, you need to mention others.  This can take quite a lot of time to individually mention other users, not to mention if you are responding to a users post it should be quality information.

The other way to receive mentions on Twitter are posting links that people feel are relevant to share with their followers or creating useful and interesting content that others can relate with.  This can take a long time as well and needs an established list of followers who are interested in the content you are creating.  So how can you increase mentions with little to no work and create content that is useful to your followers?

The simple answer is  The basis of this website is your news feed over the day is presented in a newspaper format for you to view.  Depending on how many people you are following and the quality of the content posted, the newspaper you create can be a valuable time saver by creating a full day summary of your Twitter.  So how does this user created newspaper bring mentions?

First let’s go over what does.  You create hashtags you want pulled from your followers posts and this content is placed into a newspaper format.   My paper includes the hashtag #socialmedia, so when it posts my newspaper it includes multiple Twitter posts with that hashtag.  Now here’s where the quality of the people you’re following comes into play.  If your follower list is posting these hashtags with spam or broken links then your newspaper won’t have useful content.  This is beyond the point of this article as we’re only speaking about gaining mentions, but it’s a crucial drawback if you want to use as a feedback summary.  Onto how you gain mentions…

You can establish what time and how many times a day your newspaper is automatically updated and posted to Twitter.  The automatic post to Twitter is the important part.  For example, here’s what is posted to your Twitter board, “The *Insert newspaper name here* is Out! Top Stories today via @aklsjdf @lsjkdfksd @alksdjf”  Here is how you start to gain more and more mentions, and possibly more friends.

A lot of people do not know about yet and do not know the function of the website.  To an outsider, it looks like genuine user generated content.  Countless people have mentioned me on my newspaper with thanks and gratitude for placing their content in the “Social Media Daily”.  Did I have to do anything at all?  No.  The content was generated by other users and a website put it all in one place for me.  Once you sign up for there will be a giant increase in your mentions and possibly even follower count.  If you are always on the go and looking to increase your influence on Twitter then is the way to go.

Don’t forget to respond, your mentions will be grateful for your content but you won’t seem human without a response.


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  1. Brandi Starr (@CassiusBlueCo) / Aug 30 2011 11:05 PM

    I use and it has been effective in engaging people on Twitter more. It also helps me to keep up with key information that my followers share that I may have missed during the day.

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