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March 13, 2011 / Brandon Raper

TweetStork: Go Viral

Twitter management tools are becoming necessary for certain profiles to keep a hold on current and future followers. Once you reach the follower limit of 2,000 or 115% ratio then it becomes increasingly more important. Recently I’ve done reviews for Tweetbig and Tweepi, and today we’ll be looking at Tweet Stork.

Tweet Stork

Tweet Stork Logo

Tweet Stork provides a lot of the same features you can find on other Twitter management tools. Features like showing you everyone within a list and unfollowing users who aren’t following you back. The difference in Tweet Stork is subtle but very useful.

Find Related Users

Most tools will say that certain users are related to you just because they follow someone you do. This is almost always false and just a quick way for management tools to trick a user into thinking they’re offering more product for free. Tweet Stork takes this to a different level. When looking for “Related Users” you can search through a list of someones followers by keywords. For example, I searched through @Briansolis followers, but only wanted to see followers whom had the words “Social media, Marketing, Digital Media” within their Twitter bio.

Searching for bio descriptions with keywords is a much more efficient way of finding QUALITY profiles to follow. Twitter is meant to be used for engagement, why would you follow 400 dormant accounts with no bios or pictures when you are able to single out certain characteristics?

Find Retweeters

The single best feature that Tweet Stork provides which I haven’t found on another management tool yet is Find Retweeters. If you place a profiles name into the search menu a list will be created of people who have retweeted their posts. The ability to find profiles that will retweet content is incredibly valuable. Everyone’s highest goal is to go viral and gain that national internet fame. Having a large following of people who are willing to retweet content is the single fastest way to get to that point.

Weak Features

Although Tweet Stork does provide a new way to search for personalized users, there isn’t much else to look forward to. The other features provided by Tweet Stork are found in other places for free (Yes there is a monthly fee). The monthly fee is only $4, and the freemium model just puts a limitation on how many people you can follow in a day (15).

Final Review

All in all…Tweet Stork is a very easy to use management tool but is lacking in unique features. There are multiple tools out there that provide the same benefits but without a cost. A major drawback is the lack of statistics and analytics which are becoming increasingly more important for commercial Twitter use.

My rating for Tweet Stork: 1/5


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  1. David / May 23 2011 2:52 AM

    Hey Brandon,

    Can you send me a list of ‘multiple tools out there that provide the same benefits but without a cost’.

    I use tweet stork and have not found anything yet that compares to it.



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