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March 19, 2011 / Brandon Raper

Tweet Stats: Makin Your Graf’!

Social media analytics is becoming a science. Most companies that have taken the plunge into creating an all-inclusive social media campaign are searching for exact information and statistics to show the return on investment. Previously, social media analytics consisted of over laying data to find cause and effect situations. If you started a campaign in April and gained 200 followers on Twitter and your online profits raised 4%, then it was assumed Twitter was the reasoning.

Tweet Stats Home Page

Tweet Stats Home Page

Improved Statistics

Relating cause and effect isn’t strong enough proof to produce a social media campaign for a multi-million dollar company. Google Analytics has become a necessity for marketing companies because of the deep amount of data provided and the ability to track the sales funnel online. A website I stumbled across helps to start the process of providing valuable information about a Twitter page.


The homepage for Tweetstats is simple and easy to understand with a LOLCATS reference as the tagline. Just put your Twitter profile name into the box and hit enter. There is a little bit of a wait time for the statistics but they let you know “This will take a while, go party”. Once you finally make it through the queue of people, you are brought to a complete page of stats with three sub-menus.

On the first page you are shown multiple stat lines. First is your tweet timeline. On the timeline you are shown how many tweets per month/per day your profile produced. You can click on any individual month to see extra statistics including how the sort of tweet whether it be a reply, tweet, or retweet. It’s pretty interesting to see the difference in engagement through the days/months.

Next is tweet density. This graph shows how often you tweet on particular days and at what times. These graphs are a little misleading and hard to read quickly. They are spaced apart with no legend to distinguish what is what, but there is a lot of valuable information provided here. According to my statistics I tweet more often on Sundays and my numbers spike drastically after 5 p.m. Most of this is due to the fact that I work until 5.

Last on this page are statistics on who replies to your mentions and who you retweet. Showing who responds to your mentions could be potentially good information for corporations to see who exactly is completely involved with your page.

The other pages of statistics you are given are tweet cloud and follower stats.

Tweet Cloud

Tweet cloud is a pretty simple page of statistics, consisting of the most used words in your tweets. Also included at the bottom of the page is a hash cloud which includes your most used hashtags over a period of time.

Follower Stats

Follower stats is a page that’s only useful if you come back to the site repeatedly. It tracks the difference in your friend and follower counts each time you search your profiles statistics. For mine, I searched on May 18th and May 19th so it showed a line graph of my change on followers.

All in all, TweetStats has some useful statistics for commercial and personal profiles alike. There isn’t enough provided that would sway a CEO’s decision on if a social media campaign is necessary, but it is a great start and very effective for an already established campaign.

I give TweetStats a 3.5/5

I personally can’t wait to see what updates are in store for the future.


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