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August 10, 2011 / Brandon Raper

ManageFlitter: Just Another Bird

Twitter management tools are becoming a staple for personal and business alike.  The number of competitors keeps rising which is good for us consumers.  Prices should fall, benefits should increase, and innovation should be an ongoing process.  Sometimes, the competition just settles for the same ol’ same ol’.  And that’s how I arrived with ManageFlitter. UI

User Interface

The user interface for Manageflitter has a lot of promise.  The problem is, when you say something has promise, you mean it has too many flaws.  The UI is smooth and simple, yet unforgiving.  A lot of the screens are cut off depending on your screen resolution.  This doesn’t bother me too much as I can see mostly everything on my screen, or at least click on what is partially cut off.

When scrolling over accounts there is a lot of information that is key in your decision of unfollowing certain people.  Tweets per day, followers, following, bio, date created, and even images related to certain statistics.  The use of images for “Talkative, Quiet, Verified, Inactive, No Profile Image, and Popular” are really well done.  They are easy to find, read, and relate to.  The problem with the scrolling sections are that they are always partially off the screen again.  It’s annoying to scroll over a user for information and scroll right to see the entire bio.


The unfollowing feature is incredibly easy to use.  All of the people who aren’t following you that you are following are listed.  You can scroll down and select each person you’d like to unfollow.  I ran into one problem with the Deselect All button after clicking through 100 people.  It’s too easy to click, too large, and has no confirmation.  I’m thinking arthritis is inevitable at this point.

Overall, selecting people to unfollow is incredibly easy.  The scroll down is a little tricky because it’s quite speedy, but was easy to get the hang of.

Pro Mode

A lot of the functionality of ManageFlitter is located in Pro Mode, which costs a whopping $12 a month.  The only worthwhile information that I can see provided in the Pro Mode were two options.

1.Track everyone who has unfollowed/followed you and when, with daily/weekly/monthly reports.

2. See which followers you aren’t following.

I’ve seen the second benefit in a lot of Twitter management tools and it is in no way worth the price of pro mode.  The first benefit is one that intrigues me.  Analytics are always huge in social media and have to be used especially in the professional world.  You always have to have evidence that your social media efforts are making a difference in not only word of mouth but sales as well.  This is a great starting point, but I still don’t see the match in value.



ManageFlitter has a lot of potential but a lot of flaws.  The UI looks so great but proves to be a huge hassle in the end.  The benefits of the free mode are decent for a single use, but aren’t enough to keep coming back to.  Pro mode is too expensive and there is no trial mode either.  There’s no way I’d pay $12 a month after seeing what I could deal with for free.

ManageFlitter gets a:


Only for potential in the future and the analytics provided.  There’s still hope ManageFlitter….even with that awful name.


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