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August 23, 2011 / Brandon Raper

7 Reasons Crowdbooster Is A Mandatory Use

Social Media Analytics has become a necessity in the digital marketing era.  All marketing managers and CEO’s want to see solid figures that produce sales and word of mouth.  So why is it incredibly hard to find a valuable social media management tool if EVERYONE needs one?
Crowdbooster has started to fill a major necessity in this day and age.  A thorough analytics program for social media platforms.  Here’s some features and reasons why Crowdbooster should be mandatory for your social media campaigns:

1: Tracked Follower Growth

Daily information is gathered once you have started up your Crowdbooster account.  The earlier you start up, the more information provided, the better.  One of those bits of information is follower growth.  Each day a figure of how many followers you have gained and/or lost is provided.  Not only that, but it compares the values of gained/lost followers with how many tweets, retweets, and mentions there were in that same time frame.  Being able to cross reference these statistics can really provide great information on fan growth compared to activeness in the given platform.  You can also add a Facebook page as an account and have your fan growth tracked.

2. Top Retweeters

Crowdbooster tracks who, how many times, and what specific people have retweeted of your content.  This information can be beneficial in your ability to reach out and engage with individuals who relay their content to their followers.  Knowing one person retweets your content fairly often can give you an opportunity to create a personal relationship and help drive more traffic to your social media outlets.  “Impressions” are also tracked from these retweets.  This will help you to process which individual’s retweets are more influential.

3. Impressions Graph

Now I’m not quite sure the statistics on impressions are accurate and we’ll get into that in a while, but being able to track what time, date, and amount of impressions/replies a single post gained is very valuable.  If we take a look at my table, you can see that almost all of my posts had the same amount of impressions.  The problem with this number is that is how many followers I have.  If this number was more accurate it’d be incredible and invaluable information.

4. Multiple Accounts

Right now I have two twitter accounts and two Facebook pages connected to Crowdbooster.  Each day I check up on each individual page and see how my engagement and follower growth is doing.  It’s almost an addiction to see the statistics of my social media efforts.  The ease of adding accounts and switching to others is great as well. 

5. Great UI

In relation to ease of switching and adding accounts is the UI.  It’s incredibly smooth and easy to maneuver.  Now a days it’s hard to provide something in the social media management tool category that provides a fresh look without over burdening your senses.  The colors are vibrant, menus easy to navigate, and statistics are easy to understand.

6. Tweet Scheduling

Scheduling your tweets ahead of time has become a staple in social media management tools.  In Crowdbooster’s tweet scheduler there is an auto link shorten device and you can also connect your account.  There is an interesting aspect to the tweet scheduler.  It provides you a time it believes would be the most beneficial for your tweet.  I’m not sure how it goes about this process and it even has a link that says “Why did we preselect this time?” yet it just goes back to the front page dashboard. On the features page tweet scheduling is explained as follows:

“Make your messages more effective. We give you recommendations based on your past performance and your followers’ activity to help you determine the best times and most relevant content to tweet.”

7. Customizable Reports

If your account is upgraded you are able to customize reports and download them in friendly excel and PDF files.  I however, have not upgraded so I have not been able to access these files.  The importance of structuring power points and presentations to other executives and showing the influence of your social media efforts is incredibly valuable.

In Conclusion:::::

Crowdbooster has really impressed me.  I have been an avid social media management tool user and have been looking for a solid analytics tool that could really improve my personal and business efforts alike.  This site has really provided me with some great information in just a week and it will only become more valuable over time.
I strongly recommend you tryout Crowdbooster for yourself.  It will take time to develop some measurable statistics, but the more you come back to it, the more you’ll fall in love. 

If you need a BETA invite, feel free to leave a comment or find me on Twitter @smobrandon



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  1. Hillary Burridge / Aug 23 2011 10:02 PM

    Thanks, I’ll check it out! Can I get a BETA invite?

    • Brandon Raper / Aug 24 2011 7:52 AM

      Absolutely, just send me your email on here or on my Twitter as a message.

  2. Janelle / Aug 24 2011 1:45 PM

    I agree! Crowdbooster has proven itself as a very valuable resource for SMO. I love being able to look at the chart or table to see how my tweets are doing, and I especially love the recently added klout notifications! There are some things that I would like to see improved, like the ability to track accounts on more social networks and more accuracy in regards to impressions analysis, but since Crowdbooster is still in beta I am more than willing to wait patiently as it continues to improve! I have a few more invites available- if anyone wants one or just feels like chatting about other exciting developments in the SMO world, feel free to tweet me! @Nellewood

    • Brandon Raper / Aug 24 2011 2:14 PM

      I completely agree with what you would like to see improved. Another great aspect of Crowdbooster is the ability to post feedback easily. I looked through the most recent Feedbacks provided and they were all very similar to our concerns. If they improve on what the majority of the users feel are lacking then I can’t see why Crowdbooster wouldn’t be the best management tool out there.

  3. Chris Mason / Aug 24 2011 2:47 PM

    Thanks. A nice, detailed explanation. I’ve been waiting to try Crowdbooster. If you have an invite I’d appreciate one. My email address is

    • Brandon Raper / Aug 24 2011 4:24 PM

      I’ve got 3 left, it’s your lucky day! I’ll have it sent to you once I’m off work.

  4. Ricky Yean / Aug 26 2011 3:14 AM

    Brandon, I loved the review. Thank you so much. Does SMO stand for Social Media Optimization? That’s really cool because that’s what we have on our business cards. =)

    We’ll be working with the feedback you gave. The impressions number IS your follower count, and if you get retweeted, we add your retweeters’ follower count. The reason why we do this on Twitter is because the impression count is difficult to get. Even Twitter themselves can’t figure it out well because many people access Twitter via 3rd party tools, not Twitter’s official clients (so they don’t know where you are on the page when scrolling). On Facebook, we get the real impressions count per post, which counts whenever your post is rendered in a newsfeed, on a widget, or when someone visits your page.

    Please let me know if I can ever be helpful.

    – Ricky

    • Brandon Raper / Aug 28 2011 1:18 PM

      Hey Ricky! Yes the SMO stands for social media optimization. I was reading your guys’ blog and noticed a lot of similarities! I figured the impression count would be an incredibly difficult number to get accurately, so it’s nice to see a numerical value that includes retweets. I’m still really enjoying the programming and have recommended it to a lot of people so far! Thanks for the comments

  5. G.J. / Nov 1 2011 7:27 PM

    Hi Brandon. Thanks for the info, very informative. If you have any invites left, lemme’ know thanks.

  6. Paul Cloud / Nov 14 2011 10:08 PM

    Hi Brandon. I would love a Beta invite if still available.

    Thank you!



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