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September 14, 2011 / Brandon Raper

Outside the Box Resumes

Resumes have been around since Leonardo Da Vinci in 1482.  I think it’s time for a change.  As a hiring manager at PNC I can honestly say that resumes bore me.  It’s no wonder why recent graduates are having troubles finding relevant careers.  Each resume looks the exact same so if there is no relevant work experience it’s incredibly easy to just move on.

Many new graduates want to look professional and come off as intelligent and relevant towards a companies culture.  How will they know any of this if your resume is thrown into a pile with 100 others that are incredibly similar?
This is where creativity comes into play.  Sure in the past you could have created a CD containing your resume and even a video of yourself as a sales pitch to a hiring manager but there’s so many more ways to be effective and catch an eye.

In a previous post I showed my examples of a visual resume I created through powerpoint and posted on  This led to my resume being on the FRONT PAGE for a few days.  The views skyrocketed and my name was seen by hundreds of people.  Were these targeted views?  Absolutely not, but those people had never heard of me previously.

Today I’ll show you an example of my infographic resume.  This resume was created entirely in photoshop and was for a marketing associate position for a company named Riot Games.  Riot Games has created one of the most popular games in the World and really brought to life the Freemium model of video games.  A brief explanation of the game contains “Champions” you control with individual statistics and spells which you use to defeat your enemies.

Here is where I pulled my influence from.  On the Riot Games forums, they posted statistics of each champion in the same format, seen here.

I took this layout and imposed myself with marketing and relevant statistics for the open position.

Next, I took a picture of myself and did a simple photo manipulation making myself look like a cartoon and placed it in the champion spot of the layout.

Continuing on, I thought I should put some vague information for the hiring group to make sure they could at least see my work experience and how it could potentially tie into the marketing associate position.  I also added my educational background to show my marketing degree.  At this point I felt it would be beneficial to keep it simplistic and vague to show off the infographic rather than turn it into a run of the mill resume again.

At the very bottom I created a list of my favorite champions to play, to show my passion and love for the game this company has created.  This also helped split up the graphics and text a little more.

Finally, I created a link to a more complete resume with work experience, skills/abilities, and educational background.  If the employer enjoyed the infographic and wanted to know more, they’d have to seek me out rather than me find them.

And here is the final product.  With a little bit of creativity and photoshop savvy I was able to create a beautiful resume with my own personal flare.  Let’s hope it works out for me and I get a call soon!

Riot Games Resume



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