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October 5, 2011 / Brandon Raper

How much is too much for Klout?

I’ll admit it, when I see a statistical number that I can personally improve that directly relates to any of my interests it’s hard for me not to take an overzealous approach towards making it the best.  Klout gets me, Klout gets a lot of people.

So why do the creators have to listen to the masses?  Each week a new social network is being added to the affective list of measurable influence.  Do the consumers run the business?  If so, when will there be a limit of social networks that are measured?


Klout has recently added Flickr, Last.FM, wordpress, tumblr, youtube, google+, foursquare, and more.  I understand Klout started as a general influence measure like Tweetscore and wants to evolve to a number that can be related to any and every industry.  I even understand the need for a few of the additional social networks added like LinkedIN and even wordpress/tumblr.


My debate comes with the niche markets.  Why was the decision to involve foursquare and made?  In the future will be there incredibly specific markets added to the number like or even zynga games?  Where will Klout draw the line and finally say “Your engagement number can only be measured so many ways until the algorithm becomes flawed and inefficient”.


In this day and age, Social Media measurements are still evolving as well as the networks that can be measured.  Klout has started to take the wheel and really become a staple for the rest of the sites trying to imitate it.  The social media and engagement market is incredibly cut throat.  There are countless amounts of websites trying to beat out the competition.  It’s understandable to appeal to the masses and listen to all requests from the consumer.  History has proven the consumers will tell you exactly what you need to become successful.  History has also proven if you don’t listen with a grain of salt you may fall into a trap of trying to satisfy everyone and stretch too thin.


I for one won’t turn away from Klout because of the new networks being added but it adds a sense of anxiety.  Do I need to become more engaged?  Should I honestly be involved in all of these networks?  I spend countless hours paying close attention to new social media networks and measurements because I want to be a digital marketing professional.  Klout won’t give up the measurement algorithm and won’t give any specific information on which network provides how much and what influence.  Playing the guessing game between 3 networks is easier than 12-20.  Consumers may give up in time.


Personally, I’d like to be a professional in one area rather than spread my abilities thin to multiple.  Much like I expect Klout to do.  If they are able to increase the algorithm efficiently and effectively to an increasing numbers of networks, then so be it.  Jump into the consumer mind.  There’s 15 networks on Klout that are measured and I’m only connected to 4.  How engaged on those networks do I have to be?  And what if I’m engaged in 10, but only slightly?  Does that compare to being overly engaged in 4 at all?


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  1. Traci / Nov 29 2011 10:05 AM

    I recently read an interview with Klout’s CEO. From everything he said, and everything I’ve read, Klout’s algorithms are purely based on ability to sell information to advertisers. I’m not interested in increasing my usefulness as a commodity for a social network – enough with using my interaction with friends to make money for facebook or anyone else . . . I left Klout and deleted my profile, although who knows when they will actually remove it – the notes on the site say it could be up to 180 days!!

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